What is the Bucket Hat and do I Have to Wear it?

As the 90s revival continues to dominate the high street this summer, there is no doubt that the bucket hat should be decreed cool again.

The head-wear on the beach is no longer  only the choice of children. The bucket hat, identified by its sloping brim, has consequently filtered down to the high street. 

Well, it has great and interesting roots in nature. They were first worn by farmers around 1900, at that time ,they were into the cotton bucket  due to they could be folded and rammed into their coats. In the 70s, irreverent Gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson made the bucket hat a style signature and a Hawaiian shirt and a cigarette, which always hung languidly out his mouth.

Then, they became favourites of the 80s rap scene, including LL Cool J and Run DMC. When in 90s came around, the bucket hat became synonymous with the Britpop music scene, worn by the Gallagher brothers who loved a Kangol style. More recently, they’ve been favoured by Rihanna who, truthfully, could wear a moldy piece of cling film and still look good.

There is an unique charm to the bucket hat – whether worn by farmers, rappers or Rihanna, they’re the ultimate lo-fi tomboyish piece of head-wear. It represents a hard-partying, subversive approach to life (bar maybe the farmers, who first pioneered it, but who knows? Maybe they partied as hard as Rihanna). They also fully protect your face and neck from the sun, so there’s that too.

It’s not for everyone, but the message of the bucket hat is that the wearer doesn’t care what you think anyway. If you can get past the Kevin and Perry factor, the bucket hat could well be one of the most practical and rebellious pieces to come out of the 90s revival.

Summer is fast approaching. As we eagerly anticipate the season of fun and frivolity, it’s time to prep our closets with some of summer’s biggest fashion trends.

Let’s start with a hat. Believe it or not, bucket hat is backing and it will lead the fashion style in this full summer. We all know that the bucket hat is the 90s’s favorites, which witnessed the childhood of us. Bucket hats have been around for decades, being the signature hat of 90s.

I always remember those classic songs like My Heart Will Go OnRight Here WaitingHeal the World and so on. Of course, a bucket hat is one of my best partners when I was young. One day , my dad came back with a hat , at first , I had no idea about the hat , dad told me that this hat is used to fishing and you can go along with your grandfather. I was very excited at that time. Thus , I eager to go fishing with my grandfather so as to show my bucket hat with my peers.  What a memorable period.

Recently, it has made a strong “comeback” within the street-wear and music industries. You can find a collection of bucket hats in various materials and patterns within almost any brands line nowadays. You can also find a few different variations of this popularized accessory from the classic bucket, to bell hats, and even safari” hats.

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